The Path to Freedom Workshops are a small group of women coming together in the spirit of love and togetherness to uplift, encourage, and inspire one another as we live our lives on purpose.

Spiritual Release

The Spiritual Release Workshops is held quarterly and is designed to inspire, encourage, and uplift you as you live your life on purpose. The Workshop’s atmosphere is an intimate and sincere group of women and we all come with the mind-set to relax, relate and release. These Workshops provides time for spiritual and emotional growth relating to who we are as women and our ability to use our emotions to succeed in life by managing them skillfully.

VMG Focus Group

The VMG Focus Group covers many areas of our lives such as finances, relationships, wellness, and life as a whole.  Here you will focus on creating your visions, missions, and goals for the life you want to live. Create a vision board, create your own mission statement, and engage in goal-setting exercises.  Not to mention, having your very own “accountability” partner.  Don’t miss out on an opportunity to converse, connect, and create your own Path to Freedom.

  • What I offer

    is a path to self discovery and fulfillment by leading you through a process that explores what it is you believe in and what you want to contribute. My mission is to provide a safe and powerful place for you to discover the answers you need in order to move forward with purpose and clarity.

  • What you can expect

    to get out of this experience is an ability to articulate your core values and purpose. You will walk away with a clear vision of what you would like to bring into your life in the next 3-5 years with an action plan to execute.

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