Personal Success – Taking Time for Yourself

Making time for yourself is not always easy to do. It seems as though there is never enough hours in one day to get everything done. In the course of one day, we spend on an average 8 hours at work and then return home to manage our daily tasks. Finding time for ourselves seems to be something out of our hands. The key to success however, is learning to make changes that involve relaxation. When your mind and body relaxes, it rewards you with speed. This means you can complete your tasks in a timely manner, giving you additional time to manage everything else that needs your attention.

When you lose control, it can cause major setbacks. Without learning to make time for ourselves, often-depressive symptoms develop. The weight of uncontrolled stress will only add burden to burden. The problem leads to poor decision-making. When we make poor decisions, we often fail. The consequences will increase depressive symptoms. These symptoms linger on, which can cause medical problems to develop. You want to avoid this problem by focusing on you. Instead build self-determination so that you can continue growing, staying strong, and prepared for any challenges you may face.

It only takes a few minutes each day to find time for you. Take some time out for a relaxing tub bath before going to bed at night. Fill your tub with hot water and add some bath crystals. Turn on some relaxing music; lay back, enjoy the music and hot water. Focus on the music or candles that you might want to add to the room. Listen to music and watch the candles. Let the flames beam in your eyes and allow you to travel someone relaxing mentally. Give yourself some time alone to do just for yourself. Start exercising to become healthier and give yourself some time to increase your energy. Create a plan and set goals to keep the exercising exciting and more motivating. It keeps you self-determined and focused on the positive rather than the negative.

You will love the results when you feel the strength you will gain. When you take time out for you, it helps you to clear up clutter so that you make better decisions. Setting goals can help you reach inside to find your purpose. When you have a purpose, it creates a clear path to success. The more you exercise the more you will look forward to it.


Stop making excuses and take a break… You deserve it!

Until next time…

Coach Renee