Stuck in the Middle!

imageSweep around your own front door! While you’re busy laughing about Beyoncé and her family matters your problems still exist. There’s a difference between discussing what’s happening in the news and rejoicing over someone’s problem. Shame on you!

I come from a time where you kept your business, YOUR BUSINESS. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I admire Beyoncé, she has always managed to keep her private life private for the most part. I’m sure this is why when a scandal breaks out about her it’s like a feeding frenzy. People seem to think that putting on a smile and showing a united front to others is being “fake” or “perfect”. Some of you who are celebrating in this scandal can’t even deal with your own issues. Perhaps you’re going in on Beyoncé issue to take the focus off your own. Where is your baby mama/daddy? Who is your baby mama/daddy? Are you still working for someone? How much money do you have saved? Don’t blame Beyoncé for being on the throne that you placed her on. She’s human and life happens to us all, famous or not.

This is a sad issue! I don’t care how famous you are or are not, who wants to deal with a feud between the man or woman you love and a family member? Being stuck in the middle is never fun! Why am I being so passionate about this issue? Because I get hit with it all the time. Just because I keep my life as private as possible, others think I live a perfect life and have no issues. Really? When they say that to me, I wonder to myself, what is it they want to know about me. Whatever it is, it’s not to keep me lifted in prayer, trust me. Get your life!

Instead of flooding social media with the drama of it all, post a prayer for them in their time of need. Leave them alone to deal with their family drama and just maybe you’ll get that in return when it’s your time to deal with your family DRAMA!