Reflect! Release! Receive!

reflectionWhat’s up everybody!

It’s a beautiful day and I’m just sitting on the porch relaxing and reflecting on my existence in this world. After all I’ve been through I can honestly say, God is good. God has a word for you, but you must quiet yourself, listen and you would hear Him speaking ever so gently.

Spend some time today in personal worship. Sit down, reflect and reveal yourself to God. Yes, He already knows who we are, but He wants us to be honest to ourselves with who we are and that includes the good, bad and the ugly. When we do that, we give Him permission to heal, deliver and to set us free. When we go to God with an open heart, we can say to Him, rule supreme in my life. That’s when He receives the glory and when we can honestly say, “I let go and I let God”. You are right, God does not need our permission to do anything, but when we give Him permission we are coming into agreement with His will, plan and purpose for our lives.

Life happens to all of us and many times it leaves us broken and bruised. Because of that, we find ourselves changing who we are and stepping outside of the will of God and we take on the residue that our issues left behind. No need for that because there is help at the throne when we ask for help. For The Lord is good, His mercy and loving kindness are everlasting, and His truth endures to every one of us.

Love and Blessings,


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