eBook – And The Beat Goes On (PDF Format)

Tragically cut down by a bullet from an AK47, Trevin Reddick will never know the joy of graduating from college or getting married or even walking a daughter down the aisle. Yet, because he died others lived. As author Renee E. Jones shares the poignant story of her son’s life and death, her grace, strength and courage are apparent. Trevin D’Shawn Reddick was destined for greatness. Little did his mother know the path would be filled with terrible pain and grief. AND THE BEAT GOES ON is a magnificent testament to Trevin Reddick and the impact he made in the lives of everyone he met. In telling Trevin’s story, Author Renee E. Jones reveals her own struggles, going beyond the limits of human endurance into a realm of surrender and acceptance gained only through her trust in GOD. AND THE BEAT GOES ON is a must read for anyone who’s ever struggled with unforgiveness and grief. Get your copy today!

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