Our Issues Go Deeper Than Blue Ivy’s Hair!

I often ask myself, what makes us focus on other people lives while we ourselves are struggling with our own. When growing up mama use to say, “Leave people alone and mind your own business!” Social Media is flooded with posts and videos that exploit other people which have the potential to do long term damageBlue Ivy.  Then, we wonder why some people grow up angry and taking it out on others who had nothing to do with their pain. It doesn’t make it right, but we better figure it out before it gets worse.

What are your goals and ambitions? Where do you see yourself five years from now? If we haven’t figured that out then we should not be focusing on Blue Ivy’s hair. Let’s take all of that wasted time and energy and deal with what’s going on with us. Did you check out India Arie’s song, “I Am Not My Hair?” Sometimes, we think the joke is on others when it’s really on us. The bottom line is that we should not be concerned about what her hair looks like, combed or uncombed. If we have to focus on her, let’s be more concerned about if she is being properly loved and taken care of. Blue Ivy was born into what most of us are working, praying, hoping, and tricking for every day and that is financial stability. Don’t be a part of the problem in our society, be a part of the solution and it starts with love and respect for others.