New Book Inspires Parents Grieving the Loss of Their Children



New Book Inspires Parents Grieving the Loss of Their Children 

Miami, FL (October 24, 2015) – Parents grappling with the loss of a child are set to get a dose of inspiration from the newly released book, And The Beat Goes On.

Written by Renee Jones, And the Beat Goes On is a poignant, yet inspiring, memoir of the author’s experience of losing her 19 year-old son, Trevin Reddick, who was murdered in a drive by shooting in 2011. Trevin was destined for greatness. However, little did his mother know the path would be filled with terrible pain and grief.

Government statistics estimate that 228,000 young adults and children die in the United States each year.  A survey commissioned by the Compassionate Friends, Inc. in 1999 revealed that 19% of adults have experienced the loss of a child. Miscarriage was reported to be the most prevalent cause of death with 43% followed by illness with 27%, accident with 13% and still birth with 11%. Another key finding in the survey was that women were more likely than men to seek understanding through books, while men were more likely than women to reach out to funeral homes/directors.

Asked what inspired her to write the book, Renee said: “Losing a child is one of the most painful and stressful experiences. I know how difficult it is to rise from the ashes and move on and so I wrote the book to inspire parents who are still struggling with the pain of losing their child. My hope is that readers will find strength in my experience and the will to go on.”

And The Beat Goes On is a magnificent testament to Trevin and the impact he made in the lives of everyone he met.  Nothing could’ve prepared Renee for the death of her son which occurred one day after celebrating the launch of her first book, Let Go and Let God. The author bares all in the book about her own struggles, going beyond the limits of human endurance into a realm of surrender and acceptance gained only through her trust in God.

And the Beat Goes On is thoughtfully written and is an excellent resource for anyone struggling with grief and unforgiveness. The book is available in kindle and paperback format for a retail price of $6.99 and $14.99 respectively. To purchase a copy of the book, visit: For further information about author or to receive daily doses of inspiration, visit:

About Author:

Renee Jones is a certified life coach – board member of the University of Miami Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency Medical Advisory Board on behalf of donor families, and Co-founder of the RJT Foundation. She also serves as a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, and volunteers with the Miami Rescue Mission while mentoring young women to live their lives on purpose.


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