My Story

My Story  

Hello Fierce Butterfly! My name is Renee and I’m delighted to connect with you today!

Just to share a little bit of my story – from the time I can remember, I’ve loved helping women live their lives on purpose.

At a disadvantaged upbringing and because I couldn’t figure out my own identity, I developed low self-esteem. As a result, I began to act out by using drugs at the age of sixteen. Of course that was just a temporary coping mechanism to hide the identity crisis I was experiencing. It was not until my first real encounter with God at the age of twenty-three during a suicide attempt that made me realize I needed to make a major change in my life.

Even after I vowed to God and myself to change my life, I encountered many obstacles and pit falls on my journey, but my faith and obedience did not allow me to stray too far away from Gods’ calling on my life. Little did I know, my journey had just begun.

In 2009, I founded the Women of Destiny Community Outreach, whose mission is to impact communities and inspire women worldwide. In 2011, I authored my first book titled, “Let Go and Let God” and just one day after its release – my nineteen year old son became the victim of a drive-by shooting, he passed away on October 31. After dealing with such tragedy, I became a supporter and advocate of others who has been forced to deal with the death of a child. In 2014, I created the Trevin D’Shawn Reddick Foundation. The Foundation assists young men and women on their journey to overcome peer-pressure and guide them towards a brighter future. Four years after my son’s death, I shared my story in my second book titled, “And the Beat Goes On.” My inspirational-memoir about my son’s life, death, and the lives he saved through Organ donation, and my will to go on.

I am a Best-selling author, Certified life coach, Board member of the University of Miami Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency Medical Advisory Board on behalf of donor families, Chairperson of the donor family sub-committee, Donate Life Ambassador, Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, and volunteers with the Miami Rescue Mission mentoring young women to visualize, create and transform their lives from mediocrity to greatness.

Until we meet again, remember to keep your vision clear, your faith on fire, and create a rainbow wherever you go.