Malaysia Airlines Tragedy From A Mother’s Perpective

Where are they?

I remembered when my son was shot in a drive-by shooting in October 2011 and I when I first heard the news my reaction was, “Where is he, take me to him.”  Once I got to where he was, some of his friends were all around giving me limited information and telling me this and telling me that, yet no one wanted to tell me the truth.  So, here I was dealing with the news of my child being shot in the head and no one is willing to give me any clear directions on what to do or what to expect.Malaysia

Can you imagine the grief of these families?  Not only knowing that there’s a possibility their loved ones are dead, but have absolutely no information to go on.  No bodies, no wreckage, no suspect, just a bunch of lies.  Just the every day torment of having hope but then having it snatched away by the ones who are supposed to be there to help. As a mother who has lost a child, I (in spirit) stand with these families and demand answers NOW! As crazy as it may sound to some, seeing your loved one even if for the last time does provide you some closure, these families need closure, they deserve closure.  Enough with the lies, enough with the deceit!

First the airline lets them down and now their government.  Here it is Satellites can take pictures of a car sitting in the driveway, however they can’t seem to find one of the world’s largest planes that has seemingly disappeared off the radar.

Here I am two years past the murder of my son and still no arrest and no information.  It frustrates me to know that if my son was a high ranked official not only would there be information provided, but the case would have been solved by now.

I wish they would stop playing mind games with these families and give them some concrete answers.  No one wants to live with the agony of not knowing what has happened to their loved ones.