Here at Renee E. Jones Enterprises, LLC
We aim to make your goals and dreams reachable.

There are so many coaches, consultants and mentors out there these days; I know it can be hard to find exactly what you need. So let me start by telling you a little about how I work.

As your coach I will listen with empathy and without judgment. But that doesn’t mean you get an easy ride. It is my job to hold up a mirror for you to take a deeper look at yourself, your life and your direction.

Coaches don’t so much guide or direct you, as allow you to find your own answers in a way that you likely will not have experienced before.

When you talk through life goals, problems or big decisions with a close friend or a family member, two things happen.

Firstly, they listen and try to help because they love you. And secondly, they try to guide and direct you, again because they love you.

Now this isn’t all bad, but it isn’t always what you need. When we live our lives according to what our family thinks is best for us, we can find ourselves on the wrong track. It was all well intended, but did we really choose the path we ended up on for ourselves?

Working with a coach is about finding what YOU truly want for yourself. It is about finding your passion, your authenticity, and making your dreams a reality.

In essence, you are the captain of your ship, but I will be right there with lots of encouragement, tools, and tips that will lead you to your desired destination.