Be Careful Where You Pitch Your Tent: Not Everyone Wants to See You Win!

Every now and then, I like to replay some of the past happenings in my life (good and bad); for the purpose of grabbing a few good lessons that I can apply for future use. Now, I must tell you, sometimes I want to give myself a good ole butt kicking (a hard side eye right about here), because as I look back, I could have avoided a big number of those hard bumps along the way. Yeah, I hear you, all things work together for our good – true, but if we are honest with ourselves, if we would have followed our instincts and applied Godly wisdom, things would have went a lot smoother for us.

Does this sound familiar to you, “Get it where you fit in”? For me, it became so familiar; I adopted it as my motto when wanting to connect with the “right” crowd. I dove right in with my eyes wide-shut and with my thinking cap in the off position. I didn’t take the time to pray and ask God for His guidance – if I did; I didn’t stick around long enough to receive His response. Here’s a truth, my mind was made up before I prayed, (SMH!) As a result, I connected with people who didn’t like me in the first place and did not want to see me win. Like in the story of Joseph, Genesis 37:5, once I told them my dreams, all hell broke loose. They stopped speaking and then made up lies to make themselves look innocent as to why the relationship was severed. They no longer wanted me around. The word of the streets was, “I thought I was better than them”. So, there I went with my head held low and asking God why.

I thought to myself, “That devil is so busy!” Hold your seat right here! Well, I was wrong for putting it on the devil – he’s not the one who pitched the tent in the first place. Wrong crowd, wrong connections, and wrong motives…The lesson for me is clear: be careful where you pitch your tents.

Here are some important questions to ask when you’re connecting with the “crowd”: Do we support one another? Do we push one another past our comfort zone? Do we hold one another accountable for the goals we’ve set? Do we want to see one another win?

Here is my challenge to you:

Pray and ask God to lead you to your divine connections and allow Him to lead.

Until next time…


Stuck in the Middle!

imageSweep around your own front door! While you’re busy laughing about Beyoncé and her family matters your problems still exist. There’s a difference between discussing what’s happening in the news and rejoicing over someone’s problem. Shame on you!

I come from a time where you kept your business, YOUR BUSINESS. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I admire Beyoncé, she has always managed to keep her private life private for the most part. I’m sure this is why when a scandal breaks out about her it’s like a feeding frenzy. People seem to think that putting on a smile and showing a united front to others is being “fake” or “perfect”. Some of you who are celebrating in this scandal can’t even deal with your own issues. Perhaps you’re going in on Beyoncé issue to take the focus off your own. Where is your baby mama/daddy? Who is your baby mama/daddy? Are you still working for someone? How much money do you have saved? Don’t blame Beyoncé for being on the throne that you placed her on. She’s human and life happens to us all, famous or not.

This is a sad issue! I don’t care how famous you are or are not, who wants to deal with a feud between the man or woman you love and a family member? Being stuck in the middle is never fun! Why am I being so passionate about this issue? Because I get hit with it all the time. Just because I keep my life as private as possible, others think I live a perfect life and have no issues. Really? When they say that to me, I wonder to myself, what is it they want to know about me. Whatever it is, it’s not to keep me lifted in prayer, trust me. Get your life!

Instead of flooding social media with the drama of it all, post a prayer for them in their time of need. Leave them alone to deal with their family drama and just maybe you’ll get that in return when it’s your time to deal with your family DRAMA!


Celebrate Life

Today, I celebrate my 50th Birthday!image

In spite of the ups and downs in my life, nothing was strong enough to stop what God ordained – this day!

This past Saturday, I celebrated with family and friends and we had a freaking BLAST!  I’m still a bit sore from all of the dipping it as low as I could go moves (lol), and from posing for the many photos of the night.  I cannot believe that my husband shared with everyone that I laugh out loud in my sleep! I can’t help but to love that man, but he had to get the side eye on that one. Yes, it was a Night in Paris theme party and I don’t know if they do the soul train line in Paris, but for that night, we had it wrapping around the tables. Oh yeah, it’s a family tradition at every event that the nieces battle the aunties in a dance off, and if you don’t know, now you do because we took them down, as usual.  Age ain’t nothing but a number (hehe haha)!!

Well, I just wanted to stop by and encourage you to celebrate your life.  Not just on your birthday, but EVERY day.  Life is ordained to teach us lessons along the way on our path to freedom.  Yes, it gets rough and bumpy, but God has blessed you to WIN! So, go ahead and LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE IT”S GOLDEN, because it is.

– Renee

Excuse Me, You Dropped Something!


What ever happened to that dream and desire you once had?

Perhaps you thought your dream was a bit too big for you to possess it. Or, perhaps you were not confidant enough to believe that God can and will do the impossible.  Was it that you allowed fear of the unknown to chase you away?

Well, I’m here to tell you, the passion that once burned within you is crying for you to run back and pick it up.  You know how it goes, finders, keepers / losers, weepers.  It belongs to you so go back and pick it up and rekindle the fire that once burned within.  Your greatness awaits you!

Love and Blessings,