Think BIG!

Do you ever ask yourself, what if?  Most times when that question is asked it comes from a place of self doubt.  What if I fail, what if someone doesn’t accept me or what if my best isn’t good enough.  But, what if you succeed, what if others love you, and what if you have more than enough to offer.


Too often we defeat ourselves with our thinking before we ever get started.  It is time to renew our minds.  It’s time for us to think like champions, like more than conquerors, and like children of the Most High God.  Do you ever stop to realize what negative thinking does to you?  Mentally, it drains us to the point where we are physically exhausted and eventually it affects our health. We can think small and live a defeated life or we can think big and live life victoriously.  The choice is yours, choice the latter.

Be Uplifted! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!


The Love of God

Psalm 5:12 (NLT) says, “For You bless the godly, O LORD, surrounding them with Your shield of love.”

God’s love never fails. If He has told us He is surrounding us with His love, we can take Him at His word. God’s love is honest, pure, just and un-conditional. You may agree, one of the reasons we have a hard time receiving His love is because we live in our emotions. May I share with you the realty of our emotions? Our emotions are unstable, fickle and at times out of control. You see, our emotions are mostly based on our happenings. When the going is good, we are happy and smiling with the world. But, when the going gets tough, we become out of control and take it out on the very people we claim to love. God never intended for our emotions to dictate our actions. The Word of God says, the just shall live by faith. Too often, we put our faith in the hands of others and when they let us down, we become hurt and wounded then our thinking becomes clouded. It is not possible for us to love with the love of God when we allow this to happen.

God’s love is so amazing and He continues to love us even when we don’t do what’s right. This thing called life is a spiritual walk and if we want to love with the love of God, we are going to have to walk in the spirit. Walking in the spirit is walking according to God’s word. Of course it hurts when we are mistreated and used, but that still does not give us permission to go against what we have been called to do. We have been called to love and to forgive. Love with the love of God and forgive with the heart of God. Besides, why should we allow someone else to cause us to give up our peace of mind and get is all rattled up because that is exactly what happens when we don’t rest in the love of God. Please, let us be mindful of the fact, forgiveness heals and sets us free. So, the next time someone asks, how did you get pass the hurt, pain, and shame, just tell them that you did it with the love God.

Be Uplifted! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!


Live Your Own Life

Do you ever find yourself being caught up in the life of others and giving more attention to what’s going on in their life and over-looking what is taking place in your own? Unfortunately, you are not alone.

The Word of God says in Jeremiah 29:11 (AMP), “For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome.”  Did you get that?  The thoughts and plans God have for you.

There is nothing worse than sitting back and wasting precious time and energy living vicariously through the lives of others when you can be dedicating time and investing in your own life. At one point, I was one of the ones that were caught up with what was going on in the lives of others until one day I realized I had no goals and vision of my own.  So, I made a conscious decision to get the ball rolling and change from sitting and watching others live their lives to making things happen in my own life.

You may be asking how I did that, so here it is.  I took notice of where I was and where I wanted to see myself in the years to come.  Afterwards, I wrote out my vision and kept it before me in order to stay focused.  I then started focusing on my short term goals and working towards accomplishing them and as I became disciplined in that area, I started on my long-term goals.  The feeling of accomplishments felt really great and I knew then that I was well on my way to focusing on living my own life.

There is no doubt, when you see your life growing and lining up with your dreams and goals, you will no longer live your life through others, but you will Live Your Own Life.

Be Uplifted! Be Encouraged! Be Inspired!