How to Kick Procrastination to the Curb…

Time and tide wait for none. If you find yourself procrastinating, remember that you won’t get back the time you have wasted. Procrastination is common in many of us. We constantly find ourselves putting off things to do. We let things pile up and when it gets a bit too much to handle we just let it be.

If you want to beat this habit of procrastination, read on…

Change Your State of Mind

When you are sitting idle for a long time it is easy for you to get into the habit of procrastination. Getting stuck to the TV all day or being a slave to your laptop will only make matters worse. I have always seen that taking regular breaks helps me get into a more positive frame of mind.

Get up, walk around, do some stretches till the boredom is gone. Then you will have a fresher perspective. This will help you deal with problems and situations in a timelier manner rather than putting it off for another time.

Motivate Yourself

When we lack motivation it is easier to leave things undone. Set yourself rewards on successful completion of tasks to help motivate yourself to do it. Small rewards and treats are a great way to break the evil habit of procrastination.

Let’s say you need to go to the supermarket to get grocery. Motivate yourself with the reward of buying your favorite ice cream along with it. A delicious and healthy meal can be the reward for cooking dinner on time. 

De-clutter Often

The more you let things pile up the less likely you are to tackle it soon. Once you let the clutter build up it becomes an gigantic task to clean it up. It is better to spend fifteen minutes each day sorting through your mails, laundry, and household chores.

Once this becomes a daily habit, you will be less likely to let the tasks pile up. A smaller task is always easier to tackle than one that has been allowed to accumulate. Also the longer you procrastinate the less you will feel like actually doing the task.

Take Charge and Just Do It!

Stop making excuses and do the task at hand. List out the things that need to be done and finish them one by one. Prioritize your work and go about completing them systematically. The satisfaction of getting a job done is a feeling hard to duplicate.

When you procrastinate and let the tasks build up you are more likely to feel out of your depths. Clutter – physical and emotional – has a way of weighing you down. The more you procrastinate the more it becomes a nasty habit. So break this habit today and avoid the unnecessary stress that it causes. Whether it is you or someone you know, following the above simple steps is sure to help a great deal.

Now let’s put all of this good stuff into ACTION! Take some time to complete the worksheet below and start enjoying your best life ever.




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You Have What it Takes to Win!

Blessings Fierce Butterfly!

Have you ever set out to accomplish a goal and things didn’t turn out the way you expected them to and you ended up giving up? The truth is – you’re not alone. But, the important thing to remember is that just because things didn’t work out as planned doesn’t mean you failed at it. Get back up, brush yourself off and get back in the game. You’re destined to win!

Listen in as I share a personal experience about how my set-back caused me to feel like giving up on my goal and down-play my progress.

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Be Intentional With Your Vision

Do you have a vision for your life? Did you accomplish your goals yet? Are you waiting for the right time? Do you think they will materialize by their own?

What if I tell you, to become successful in your vision you need to be intentional. Being intentional to succeed, to reach your goal, to accomplish your desires; in short to get anything you want.

Get out of your comfort zone, now!

Get out of that ‘Time will make the things work for me’ type of attitude. Decide to be intentional rather than circumstantial or habitual.

Once said by the Sir Isaac Newton ‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction.’ That simply means every reaction on earth needs action, they never appear magically.

Decide to take small initiatives to effectuate your vision. Don’t be unwavering, try to learn and implement new things. Try to practice new approaches instead of old working habits. Be determined towards your work and bounce off the obstacles of your way.

Be Intentional

Decide your vision. It can be your vision for this year, next year or for many upcoming years. Now pen down your vision, on notebook, calendar, wall or mirror and make sure to face these visions and goals every single day until you achieve them.

Plan of Action

There is no magical wand that can turn your dreams into reality by flicking it here and there a few times. You can’t achieve your goals magically. Same as you need a proper map to reach a destination ‘You need a full proof plan to effectuate your journey towards the goal.’

Make sure to follow your plan each day. There is nothing like tomorrow. ‘Delete the word tomorrow from your mind’. It’s now or never, you need to perform the planned activities every single day.

Track Your Progress

Every action counts. Keep a track record of things you have done. Track your progress every month. You will definitely face some failures on your way to achieve your vision. But, temporary failures are just to solidify your intentions.

Look at the little things you implement everyday that form a chain and drive you towards your targeted vision. If you focus to make continuous small and positive efforts you will slowly crawl towards your vision without getting de-motivated with the bigger picture!

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How to Manage Your Time Wisely

Time sure flies fast. We are often left feeling as if the day went by in the blink of an eye. I think that the key to a balanced life is to manage your time wisely. We each have 24 hours in a day. It is up to us to make the most of them.

If you find yourself hassled and clueless at the end of each day, this blog is definitely for you. Read on to know some simple ways to manage your day well.


Don’t go charging at the day’s tasks all at once. Each morning when you wake up, give five minutes to yourself. Think about the tasks that need to be done that day. You can also jot down a “Get it Done” list while enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea. You can also try making the list the night before.

Making a list of the tasks will help you understand which one needs your attention first. It is a good way to plan your day especially if you need to go out. Knowing the tasks ahead will help you manouver through your day more smoothly.

Understand Your Tasks

Once you have written down or made a mental note of the things that need to be done, it is a good thing to really understand how much time each task is likely to take. Factor in the time it will take to travel to and from places, traffic, etc if you need to go out.

We often underestimate the time that a single task can take. This throws a spinner in the works for the whole day and we are left feeling irritable. So, really think about how much time the day’s work is likely to take. That way you won’t be left feeling out of depths at the end of it all.

Get Help

You cannot do everything yourself. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Ask for help when you need it. Getting help with chores is likely to help you complete the work much faster.

Besides, having someone to help you out is also a way to fight boredom. When you are having fun, it is less likely to seem like an overwhelming hurdle.

Know Your Limits

Don’t spread yourself thin trying to do everything. Know what you can and cannot do. There is nothing to feel bad about if you cannot do something. It is absolutely okay to say no.

People who are aware of their physical and mental limits are far better organized than those who don’t. In order to manage your time wisely know yourself first.

Avoid Distractions

In today’s world of multimedia distractions are aplenty. You start out searching for a recipe and find yourself reading about every celebrity that hit the red carpet two hours later!

Track self-induced distractions and try to avoid them. Reduce the time spent on your smartphone and social media. It may prove to be difficult in the beginning, but trust me it is worth the sacrifice.

Take Care of Yourself

Look after yourself well. Being physically and mentally alert will help you manage your time much better. When you are free of laziness you are more productive.

Sleep well and eat a balanced and healthy diet. Ensure frequent rests during the day to avoid exhaustion.

Time is precious. That is why it is so important to manage it wisely. Once you start consciously the way forward only gets better.

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How to Activate Your Vision and Make Your Dreams a Reality!

Blessings Fierce Butterfly,

Every one of us has a dream in our life but somehow we are stuck up in a reality that is far away from the dream that we want to achieve. As a result, a good number of us are frustrated with life and have given up the hope of achieving what we had always wanted. But, would you believe me if I told you that you are the only one that is blocking the path to realizing your dream by letting negativity and frustration cloud your vision?

If you are thinking that nothing is going to happen in your life then trust me, the universe is going to make sure that nothing happens in your life. However, if you follow a few tips then you can easily activate your vision and take a step towards the realization of your dreams.


The first step you need to take is to bring clarity to your vision. Most people have an obscure idea as to what they want from life in the first place. Just wanting to be rich or successful is not enough. You have to know exactly how rich you want to be and how can you achieve that.

Clarity of vision not only lets you know about what you want from life but also helps to send signals into the universe which activates your vision. You have to know what you want otherwise how else the universe would know what you want from life.


The second thing that you need to do in order to make the universe quite clear as to what you want is to display your vision somewhere. What you can do is write down your vision on a paper and keep it at a place where you can see it first thing in the morning. Writing down the vision sends a very powerful trigger to the universe.

Moreover, looking at it every morning will reinforce your vision and will help you to achieve it as soon as possible.


The next step you need to take is to bring some positivity into your life. Keep thinking in positive terms as to how you will realize your vision at last. Under no circumstances should you let yourself to feel negative or think that nothing will work out.

Always remember you bring what you think. If you think with positivity you will bring positivity in your life and vice verse. Write down positive words in your diary and encourage yourself. The more you affirm your vision with positivity, the more are your chances of realizing it.


This is a very powerful way of activating your vision. Always remember that feeling humble and having gratitude are the two most potent ways in which you can get closer to the universe. So pray and meditate every morning.

Thank the universe for the little moments of joy that you have managed to achieve so far. Express gratefulness for feeling positive and happy at this moment.


Remember that negative people can bring negativity in your life too. You do not need such people in your life. Instead surround yourself with loving folks who are supportive of your dreams and will guide you in achieving them. You can also get a coach or a mentor who will help you to realize your dreams and with whom you can share your success.

So, follow the mantra of staying positive and achieving your dreams.

What areas do you want to achieve a transformation? Send me an email at, I would love to help.

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Creating Your Own Destiny

Let me begin by explaining; I’m not necessarily saying that I believe in magic!  But I do want to draw your attention to a much researched and proven occurrence.

When we focus on the good, we receive more of it.

I’m talking about gratitude.  And this is not just something that life coaches believe, there is actually a great deal of psychological research on this.

In his book, The Fortune Factor, Professor Richard Wiseman shares results from his own studies which confirm that people effectively ‘make their own fortune’.  And what it all boils down to is where somebody focuses his or her attention.

You might wonder what the term ‘gratitude’ really means?  I’ve heard some people define it as appreciating all the good things in the world, or being thankful for what they do have.  And that’s a good place to start.  But I believe there is more to it.

For me, gratitude is a daily practice, perhaps a little like a prayer.  It’s about choosing to see the good in things and having a positive attitude.  When you start focusing on this daily, your world starts to change around you.  It really can feel as though you are creating your own destiny. 

Here’s the science!

We know from cognitive psychology research that the brain can’t attend to everything going on in the world around us.  With the exception of spotting sudden danger, our brain focuses on what we have primed it to focus on.

A really simple example of this is when you have your heart set on a particular model of car.  Once you have set yourself that goal, suddenly you seem to notice that exact car everywhere you go.

It might seem a little spooky that suddenly everybody is driving your dream car.  But of course, that’s not really what’s going in.  Nothing changed ‘out there’ in the world; the change was in your brain.  You are primed to notice that car more, and so notice it more you do.

This phenomenon is known by psychologists as ‘reticular activation’, named after the tiny part of the brain stem implicated in this focused attention.  For a tiny part of the brain stem, it sure has a powerful effect on us!

So where do good fortune and gratitude come in?

Thanks to our reticular activating system, we see more of what we are focused on.  So if we set our intention everyday to be positive and grateful, always seeing the best in things, how do you think that manifests for us?  Right!  And this is exactly where the feeling of creating our own destiny comes from.

But the process doesn’t end in our minds; it carries across to the outside world too.  While our brains are busy creating our own destiny, our positive disposition is allowing us to engage more with new situations.  We meet new people, perform better at that job interview, we have more fun on that first date…. The possibilities are endless!

Some tools to help you get started.

So let’s talk about making this work for you.  My favorite tool is my gratitude journal.  And lots of people love this one!

The physical act of writing down something you are grateful for every morning starts your day off on the right foot, and really primes your brain for a good day.

Popular personal development writer, Brendon Burchard, recommends setting a gratitude alarm on your phone that goes off three times a day!  You might prefer to start with once per day and try building it up, so it’s not too much all at once.

Or how about a daily walk?  We know that gentle exercise release those ‘feel good’ chemicals in the brain, so that should help you with feeling grateful.  Get outside, stretch your legs and take in some nature.  It’s good for your soul!

If you would like to talk with me one-on-one about shifting your mindset to a more grateful and positive one, then reach out to me via email at

I’d love to help you on your way to creating your own destiny.

3 Ways to Declutter Your Life

So we are already a few months into 2017.  My goodness, where is the time going?

If you are feeling like it’s not all panning out to be the kick-butt year you had hoped for, then let’s get you back on track!

Spring is just around the corner, and as the flowers start to bloom and the days get a little longer, we can all benefit from the new energy this brings.

But it’s not all down to Mother Nature.  She plays her part, but nobody has power over our lives like we do.  So it’s time to remind yourself that YOU are the captain of your own ship, and you can steer it in any direction you choose.

Decluttering your life is an excellent way to simplify things, manage your time better, and take back some control.

So let’s talk strategy – here are 3 simple ways to kick yourself into gear.

1. Ditch Negative People

We’ve all got those old friends that you stay in contact with because you’ve known them for years, but you’re actually unsure how much value they add to your life.  Perhaps you feel that they bring you down a bit.  We might feel a bit bad admitting that to ourselves, but you know what, it’s okay to call it like it is.

Sometimes we outgrow friendships.  If you find yourself not looking forward to spending time with certain people, perhaps because they have a negative attitude or don’t support you in your goals, then it’s okay to let them go.

It’s important for you to invest your time with people that lift you up and tell you to shoot past the stars.   Go and find your tribe!

2. Clear Up Your To-Do List

Is there too much on your to-do list?  Perhaps there is also too much going on in your mind?  Clutter leads to overwhelm, so just take a step back and get your thoughts and your to-dos in order.

Firstly, empty your mind onto paper.  When you try to hold too much in your working memory, your brain has less capacity to problem-solve.  Get it down on paper so you can’t lose it, and then let your mind relax and work how it’s supposed to.

Next, organize the paper lists.  Prioritize the things that are more pressing, and plan the longer-term and less urgent things ahead in your calendar.

Doesn’t that feel better?

3. Eliminate Idle Talk

If you find you are spending a good amount of your time locked into unproductive conversations, then you need to adjust your priorities.

Catching up on the latest ‘office news’ by the water cooler can quickly turn from a two-minute break into a long procrastination session.  By all means take a little break here and there, but just be careful to not lose hours of your precious time on unproductive activities.

You have goals and dreams to be working on, so keep your eyes on the prize!  Your life will become more productive by spending your time working on achieving those goals.  And at the end of the day you will be more satisfied with your achievements, which is a great feeling.

Would you like to go deeper on this and really take control of your year?  I’m excited to work with you, so reach out to me and let’s talk about rocking your 2017.

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Practical Tips for a Well-Balanced Life

I think that balance is something we all aspire to have.  But for many of us it can feel so out of reach.  Time races by and we find ourselves asking, “Where has the day gone?”

If you can’t remember that last time you felt truly grounded and peaceful, then this blog post is absolutely for you.  We all need to catch our breath sometimes, look around us and remember to live, not to just survive.

Living a happy life is about enjoying each day.  Even just those brief little moments that make you smile.  They all add up and are so worth being present for.  So here are some practical tips to bring balance back into your life.

Past, Present and Future

Psychologists tell us that most people spend the vast majority of their waking time either re-living the past or anticipating the future.  Very few of us enjoy the present moment fully.

Being present and mindful is a skill; it doesn’t come very naturally to us, trust me, I know.  But I do think it is worth trying to be present when we can.  Especially when we are stressed; stopping and smelling the roses for just a few minutes can really refocus and calm us.  When we are not present and are rushing around, we miss so much of the world!

You can’t take anything from this world with you at the end of your life.  What we have here on earth is to be enjoyed in the present.

Do you have children or any pets?  Children and animals are great mindfulness practitioners.  Have you ever noticed how kids get completely lost in the present moment when they are playing?  Or how about the way a cat or dog just stops and notices things around them?

It looks so peaceful – so have you tried it yourself?  It might sound a bit unlikely in our mile-a-minute society, but if you try it I promise it will not disappoint.

Work and Play

I know people who never give themselves a whole day off.  This is often because they feel guilty when they stop, and sometimes because they don’t even know how to stop.

A well-balanced life calls for a bit of give and take.  When you’ve been giving a lot of yourself to your job or other commitments, it is completely fine to take back some time for yourself and just rest.

And how about play time?  Yes, I’m serious.  Grown ups are allowed to have fun too!  See if you can remember the last time you rode a bike or threw a ball… If you can’t remember then it’s time to book some playtime into your diary.

Fun is a huge stress reliever and so undervalued in our society.  It sometimes seems like the world is telling us to work until we can work no more, and then go into therapy to undo the damage!  Hmm… How about we just look after ourselves a little better now?  Let’s pre-empt the burn out before it happens.

Famine or Feast

Do you enjoy food?  Maybe you rush through meal times, or maybe you feel guilty for breaking your diet.  Let me suggest a little balance in this area too.  Family dinnertime is so much more than refueling our bodies.  It’s about connecting with our loved ones in a shared experience.

When you have been busy all day, you can put that phone down for 30 minutes and be present with your family.  And please don’t beat yourself up for eating something ‘bad for you’.

Moderation means having a bit of both, and enjoying it too.  And as Garfield once pointed out; diet has the word ‘die’ in it. A balanced approach to food is more sustainable long-term than a harsh, restrictive diet.

More often than not, your body tells you what it needs.  We just need to learn to listen.  When our lives are in balance and we are more present, then listening becomes so much easier.

I think that achieving a sense of balance comes down to the old analogy of the oxygen mask in the plane.

You know when you are taking a flight, and the safety announcement tells you that in the event of an emergency you must fasten your own oxygen mask before attempting to help others?

This is a well-used comparison to life in general because it is so relatable.  If you don’t look after yourself, then you can’t take care of your loved ones, or your job for that matter.  Finding balance is really the key here.

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No, not Beyonce’s recipe for lemonade, I’m going to give you my recipe…

April 15th was Donate Life Blue & Green Day. During this day, the public is encouraged to wear blue and green, hold events and fundraisers, and partner with local restaurants, malls, media, and community organizations in an effort to promote the success of organ, eye and tissue transplantation and the extreme need for registered donors.

Well let me just tell you, this event was not only to bring awareness to this great cause, it was the answer to my many prayers. On October 18, 2011, my 19 year old son was shot in a drive-by shooting. He survived on life support for two weeks before he passed away on October 31st from his injury.  Everyday of those agonizing two weeks, I recall placing my ear on his chest to listen to his heart beat – It was the only thing that gave me hope. After being declared brain dead and after being stripped of all hope, I made the painful decision to donate his organs. The time came when I found out that one of the organs transplanted from my son was his heart. After months and months of depression, confusion, anger, bitterness and every other painful emotion you can imagine it hit me – And the Beat Goes On.

Now here we are 4 1/2 years and I was able to hear my son’s heart beat again. The human side of me wanted to collapse on the ground, but as I positioned the stethoscope upon Papa Don’s chest, the recipient of my son’s heart, I felt a sense of peace. I felt Trevin’s spirit assuring me that everything was okay. I don’t know why God chose this avenue for me, but through organ donation this devastating tragedy has become a miracle for many including myself. Through organ donation it has created a platform for me to share my story to not only help bring awareness to this great cause, but also to create a much needed dialogue within my community. Most importantly, it has played a major role in my healing process. I feel like I can breathe again.

For more information about organ donation and to register, CLICK HERE

Before you leave, be sure to check out the video below to witness this emotional union. Oh yeah, feel free to share, share, share.