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Register to be a donor today!

How to register to be an organ, eye and tissue donor There are a number of ways to register to be a donor: You can register on-line by going to www.DonateLifeFlorida.org. This only takes a few minutes. You can also register to be a donor through the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you live in […]

Stuck in the Middle!

Sweep around your own front door! While you’re busy laughing about Beyoncé and her family matters your problems still exist. There’s a difference between discussing what’s happening in the news and rejoicing over someone’s problem. Shame on you! I come from a time where you kept your business, YOUR BUSINESS. I guess that’s one of […]

Celebrate Life

Today, I celebrate my 50th Birthday! In spite of the ups and downs in my life, nothing was strong enough to stop what God ordained – this day! This past Saturday, I celebrated with family and friends and we had a freaking BLAST!  I’m still a bit sore from all of the dipping it as low as I […]

Be Careful What You Ask For!

Rather you want to admit it or not, just about everyone has seen the clips of MiMi Faust and Nikko Smith’s sex tape! I was on social media the other day and saw a video of MiMi on a rampage about keeping our opinions to ourselves because only God can judge her. Well, the truth […]

Life in the Spotlight!

Anybody who knows me knows that I am a HUGE fan of American contemporary gospel duo Mary Mary. Heck, I even wrote in my book, Let Go and Let God, how their song, Shackles was a favorite of mine during a particularly happy part of my life. So, it should be no surprise that I am a fan […]

And The Beat Goes On!

Hey Butterflies! Today is still an important day in my life.  Twenty-two years ago, God blessed me with a son.  There he was, over 7lbs and 19″,  eyes so big they could scan a room in seconds. Trevin was definitely a, “Mama’s boy.” Family use to say, “Boy, get off of mama and leave her […]

Malaysia Airlines Tragedy From A Mother’s Perpective

Where are they? I remembered when my son was shot in a drive-by shooting in October 2011 and I when I first heard the news my reaction was, “Where is he, take me to him.”  Once I got to where he was, some of his friends were all around giving me limited information and telling […]

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning

Black Love!

Allow me to take a moment to chat with all of my Black Butterflies.  When are we going to get it? When will enough be enough?  Lately, I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster with all of the racial issues that has been on the rise over the past few years. Especially, when it comes […]

Don’t Be A Storm Chaser!

What’s up Butterflies? I was just sitting here and thinking to myself, some of us sit in front of the television and watch Storm Chasers chase after tornadoes and fly in the eye of hurricanes and we think to ourselves, they must be crazy.  But, in life drama is as dangerous as a storm and […]

Shattered Dreams!

What’s up Butterflies? Have you ever had to deal with people who do nothing but drain you and keep you frustrated, even when you’re trying to help them? Yeah, I’m sure you have. I’m coming to understand, they are not the problem, we are. It’s okay for us to help and support others, but if […]