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Practical Tips for a Well-Balanced Life

I think that balance is something we all aspire to have.  But for many of us it can feel so out of reach.  Time races by and we find ourselves asking, “Where has the day gone?” If you can’t remember that last time you felt truly grounded and peaceful, then this blog post is absolutely […]


I can’t believe it’s been five years since my son has passed away. Every year since then on October 31 – the day of his passing, I’ve tried to make sense of it all, but to no avail. This year, my therapist gave me an assignment… instead of focusing on the pain and sadness of […]


No, not Beyonce’s recipe for lemonade, I’m going to give you my recipe… April 15th was Donate Life Blue & Green Day. During this day, the public is encouraged to wear blue and green, hold events and fundraisers, and partner with local restaurants, malls, media, and community organizations in an effort to promote the success of organ, […]

What’s on Your Mind?

Week 1: What’s on Your Mind? If you’re anything like me, you know that it’s hard to stay focused long enough to pull a single thought together – there’s always something going on. Between the television, radio, social media, or those blasted text message tones (phone calls are rare these days) going off every five […]

Merry Christmas!!!

Greetings Fierce Butterfly! If you celebrate Christmas, I indeed want to use this moment to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas. Many are sharing gifts, spreading love, and spending time with their families – All of the great things that make this holiday even more special. As for me, my plans are nice and simple. I’m cooking up […]

Surviving the Holidays without Your Loved One

Hello Fierce Butterfly! Ever since my 19 year old son passed away on October 31, 2011, life has not been the same. Every year, Trevin found a way to make sure he presented me with a Christmas gift. Rather it was a hand-made Christmas card or a card bought from a store, he took pride […]


WOOHOOOO!!! Hold on to your seat Fierce Butterfly… I’m headed to the Rose Parade in Pasadena, CA in honor of my son. Yeah baby yeah (in my Austin Powers voice)! Can you tell how excited I am to have gotten that call? This is huge! Every year, Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency chooses a Donor Family to be represented in […]


Happy Wednesday Fierce Butterflies! If you are not satisfied with the life you live, you can change that by living your life on purpose. When you make a decision to take action and live your life on purpose-you will begin to finally live the life you want to live. Here are a few tools to […]

21 Days of Inspiration

Hello Fierce Butterflies! I thought I’d throw in a little twist to how I normally share inspiration to you all. Instead of the day-to-day posts on social media, I am challenging you to participate along with me. Take some time to sit back, relax, and invest in yourself. That’s right, this challenge is all about you! […]