3 Ways to Declutter Your Life

So we are already a few months into 2017.  My goodness, where is the time going?

If you are feeling like it’s not all panning out to be the kick-butt year you had hoped for, then let’s get you back on track!

Spring is just around the corner, and as the flowers start to bloom and the days get a little longer, we can all benefit from the new energy this brings.

But it’s not all down to Mother Nature.  She plays her part, but nobody has power over our lives like we do.  So it’s time to remind yourself that YOU are the captain of your own ship, and you can steer it in any direction you choose.

Decluttering your life is an excellent way to simplify things, manage your time better, and take back some control.

So let’s talk strategy – here are 3 simple ways to kick yourself into gear.

1. Ditch Negative People

We’ve all got those old friends that you stay in contact with because you’ve known them for years, but you’re actually unsure how much value they add to your life.  Perhaps you feel that they bring you down a bit.  We might feel a bit bad admitting that to ourselves, but you know what, it’s okay to call it like it is.

Sometimes we outgrow friendships.  If you find yourself not looking forward to spending time with certain people, perhaps because they have a negative attitude or don’t support you in your goals, then it’s okay to let them go.

It’s important for you to invest your time with people that lift you up and tell you to shoot past the stars.   Go and find your tribe!

2. Clear Up Your To-Do List

Is there too much on your to-do list?  Perhaps there is also too much going on in your mind?  Clutter leads to overwhelm, so just take a step back and get your thoughts and your to-dos in order.

Firstly, empty your mind onto paper.  When you try to hold too much in your working memory, your brain has less capacity to problem-solve.  Get it down on paper so you can’t lose it, and then let your mind relax and work how it’s supposed to.

Next, organize the paper lists.  Prioritize the things that are more pressing, and plan the longer-term and less urgent things ahead in your calendar.

Doesn’t that feel better?

3. Eliminate Idle Talk

If you find you are spending a good amount of your time locked into unproductive conversations, then you need to adjust your priorities.

Catching up on the latest ‘office news’ by the water cooler can quickly turn from a two-minute break into a long procrastination session.  By all means take a little break here and there, but just be careful to not lose hours of your precious time on unproductive activities.

You have goals and dreams to be working on, so keep your eyes on the prize!  Your life will become more productive by spending your time working on achieving those goals.  And at the end of the day you will be more satisfied with your achievements, which is a great feeling.

Would you like to go deeper on this and really take control of your year?  I’m excited to work with you, so reach out to me and let’s talk about rocking your 2017.

Email me at info@reneejones.com and tell me what you would love to work on.  I’m waiting to hear from you.