Happy living Fierce Butterflies!

You know the saying, “Out with the old – in with the new” – well It’s a New Year, I’m feeling good and I hope you are too.

I am telling you that 2018 was no joke for me! It not only kicked my butt, it tried to knock me out for the count. But by the grace of God and my determination to win, I’m still here. If I was not dealing with health scares, I was trying to figure out how to adjust to my new lifestyle as a disabled retiree with a drastic change in income (time to play the lotto). I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster – At times feeling like I was upside down while at other times felling like I was inside out. Have you ever felt this way while going through your rough experiences?

I had to constantly remind myself that things were going to get better. In fact, I had to look myself in the mirror and say out loud: I am more than a conqueror. Yes, I had to put in the work and push past my experiences and rebound from my setbacks. I had to find my happy place again.

In case you are wondering how I did that, let me tell you, it was not easy. The truth is, I had a few pity parties, but found that that was not working. So, I had to find what did work and stick with it. I had to take the focus off of my problems and focus on making progress. It is no secret formula, but here is what worked for me (in no particular order):

1. I had to find meaning in what I was going through and maintain a positive outlook.

2. I had to face my fears of what was to come with living with a chronic lung disease and a lower income.

3. I had to have a sit on the couch and talk things out with my therapist.

4. I had to remind myself that God had already equipped me to handle what I was dealing with.

5. I had to let go and let God.

These are just some of the ways I dealt with my struggles. Like I said, I had to find what worked for me and work it (I encourage you to do the same). The good news is that I have come a long way and I am doing less crying and more praying and trusting God through it all.

That was then, this is now… It’s 2019 and in spite of it all, I am ready to live a happier life. What about you? I pray this encourages you; and whenever you find yourself going through your struggles, I want you to brace yourself, dig deep and find your strength within, and trust the process. Your happiness depends on it.

Cheers to your bright New Year!

Until next time,

– Renee