Warning Comes Before Destruction: Take Heed

Blessings Fierce Butterflies!

Sometimes in life there are things we go through and we refuse to acknowledge what’s happening. Just the thought of dealing with it cripples us with fear and we allow it to silence us. But, in order to fix any situation we must first acknowledge that the situation exists and that we need help.

Maybe there are signs that something is going wrong in your body and you are afraid to go to the doctor to get it checked out – fear won’t make those signs go away. Perhaps you’re in a domestic violence situation, be it verbal, physical, or emotional – it’s all abuse and it won’t go away on its own; YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION and do something about it!

Today, I am used to warn you to take heed to the warnings that God has been sending your way. Take action, trust him to lead, guide and to see you through. Remember this, the choices you make today can determine how you live your tomorrow.

Listen to this message…